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I gotta have to ask now, ever since the update in April my game seems to be broken, as in it doesn't save any daily progress. Heck each time I wake up from a game over I have to reintroduce myself to Grisu again and again. I've even tried to completey uninstall the game and reinstall it, didn't work unless the game saves some data somewhere else. Is that a known problem, or somehow intended in some way and I just haven't figured out how to progress now?

Have you went to bed before getting a gameover? Getting a gameover means you repeat the day, going to bed means you go to the next day.

Ohhh, that seems a newer mechanic to me, I usually just always got gameovers and it progressed. Thanks for the info.

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I have some questions

1. Why are the characters dick and balls huge?

2. Why is Iron the only character that is showing off his dick instead of covering it up

3. So...if noticed most of the characters are based off of their fursona. If that's so, do they have any say in the matter of how they want you to handle their oc in the game or is it all you having carte blanche?

4. If I were - hypothetically speaking - wanted you to put my character in the game, how much does it cost?

5. Is it ok if I recommend you to put my favorite artist in the game? Like do you need to talk to them first?

1) It's how the new artist wants to do them.

2) He was always showing off his dick due to the old artist who made him. He was painting everything.

3) They get told what's being added and a full list of everything they do and say in the game.

4) It's 300usd for adding in a character which includes the character (dressed,nude,hard), and events in the game. Paid over the course of 3-x months as we only accept 50-100ush per moth to be paid so we are doing other things aside from just making patreon characters. Scenes cgs usually cost 250usd depending on what's in them. Adding in a new character is a lot more work for everyone instead of just adding in a cg.

5) We are no longer commissioning other artists to add characters and scenes in the game anymore as we've found an artist to do all of the art. He will be replacing all old art. Characters, cgs, bgs, gui.

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No, that's not what I meant about question 5.

What I was trying to say was that is it ok for you to implement favourite artist original characters in the game; like asking permission from him?

The artist name is @kpikkar on Twitter by the way. 

If they are owned by someone else, as long as they give permission to have the character added in the game, it's fine as long as I see them give their permission.

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I bought the patreon version, and have all the requirements to meet the next two characters, but I'm not getting Bjorn's rumor 20. Does using the story skip lock the content? I'm on the apk version from the Dropbox shop.

It doesn't lock them. You need to progress through some of Kubas' story to unlock it. Check the sense guide in Bjorn and Borukto see all the requirements so you have an understanding of who you need to do. There's also a fanmade wiki that people made a guide on how to get to Boruk and Konta.

Thanks for the response. Turns out that the Dropbox link took me to a previous patreon build. After checking again an hour later, the right version was avaliable.

I bought the Cheat version of the game, but how do I use cheats? I couldn't find any instructions

the text "Cheats", below the chest icon, is a button and brings up the cheats menu

Thank you! Can't believe I didn't see that lol

Okay, so Gorogoro is working on SBA so to keep the artwork consistent, the team’s choice was to shift the art style and legacy sprites to CursedMark’s style (Is what I’m understanding). Does this mean that the art styles of both currently worked upon games, now with art deeply rooted into the games’ code and themes, are finalized and have no plans to change, in artist, anytime soon?

CM will be replacing everything in the gameover time including gui.

Is Azlos suppose to have changed fur colors in the newest update? He went from black wolf to a white one?

Uhhhh, no? He's supposed to eb black. These are flats, so they will be changing in color a bit and such once they're models are finished. So that'll probably fix it.


whys there no sound on the nsfw scenes?

I haven't been able to get Rutherfords game over yet, neither of his scenes get me to lust 100 they always reset back to 0, any help

You need to come at him with max lust at the start and done 1-4 of his conversations.

it was fine back there but now i cant play the game with my windows 32bit ..

The current renpy versions doesn't support 32bit anymore.


cry , could you help me tho ? creating a 32bit version ..

No? Old renpy versions support it but not the updated one. You can google if anyone made a emulator for it.

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Is there an option to where you can  disable the artwork so you just see the dialogue?

game crashes if you try to workout with Vandee

Could you give a few more details as to exactly when it crashes when working with Vandeel?

Do you remember what was the last line of dialogue before it crashed?

Did it crash exactly after you selected the "Hangout" option with Vandeel?

cant say the exact line it crashes is at but it consistently crashes at a set point in the convo

i released a possible bugfix for vandeel, pls let me know if that fixed it or if the issue still persists

Every time I go to workout with Vadneel, the game crashes and I don't know what to do?

Could you give a few more details as to exactly when it crashes when working with Vandeel?

Do you remember what was the last line of dialogue before it crashed?

Did it crash exactly after you selected the "Hangout" option with Vandeel?

After 'Aye Lad!' during the first workout or hangout conversation, the text doesn't come and it will freeze for a moment before crashing all together.

i released a possible bugfix for vandeel, pls let me know if that fixed it or if the issue still persists

How do I get Rigur's 1st game over? I can't lose hp during the hang outs, only at the end, then I faint and wake up in bed

Click on scene count in the description 

I was already following that, so it's not in the public version yet? Thanks for replying

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How can you find "something" when you go on a patrol with Kubas for the first time? Im always stuck with the pecs scene. 

Oh, and also will be there any other payment methods in Black cat studio? 

I mean how you can progress in the hang out scenes?

@Clorn, can you clarify what you mean by 'payment methods'? The site should enable PayPal or Square checkout, meaning you SHOULD be able to use whatever payment options available to you based on your country of residence.

If there's a specific payment provider you HAVE to use, please contact me directly. If not, I'll need some more context to better answer your question.


I can't use PayPal and I wanted to know is there a more like Dropbox payment methods

I'm not sure what DropBox payment options are available, but I have enabled Stripe alongside PayPal. It should now allow for credit/debit and/or Apple Pay options.

Thank you so much<3

As someone who plays the game from time to time, I have to tell you. There needs to be a guide. It's hella confusing, especially when you played the game already and wish to skip already seen content. Any form of a comprehensive guide is a must with a branched out game like this. Otherwhise it's just TOO confusing.

Damn, you’re so right, I'm really confused by this game.

Click on scene count in the description 

I have another 5 questions

1. Will the main protagonist have an actual design as opposed looking like a yellow silhouette?

2. Will some of the other characters have different poses or body movements when talking.

3. Will the game have in game music in the future?

4. Is there going to be animations in the future?

5. Are you planning on adding voice acting in the game Cause I prefer silent?



I saw the VAROK game on ITCH.IO but lost it and can't find it. There you play as a hero, whom the demon constantly breaks, up to complete submission. Can anyone help me find this game? I searched the developer pages but didn't find it. This is my favorite character. Thanks in advance for any help.

Click on the fights download under the different os systems.

I have 3 questions

1. The dropbox shop is ending of May 15th. Are any future updates going to be affected by it?

2. In the future, will the backgrounds be fully covered up or is the game going to look like it's being filmed vertically with those 2 black bars?

3. Why does the old artstyle have those weird filters around them?

that is all.

1) We're looking for an alternative place where those who don't want to use patreon can get the monthly updates.
2) Look at the background in the clothing shop to see how CursedMarked is doing them
3) That was the artists decision to draw them in that way.

A question, what is needed for the option "Hang out With Azkim" because I looked at the Google Drive file and even though I fulfill the requirements I still can't go beyond him saying he doesn't want to make friends

(sorry if something is wrong english is not my first language)

Make sure you have the transformation kink unlocked when you go forging with him to get his special scene.

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I can't seem to unlock Sep dialogue 4? I've gone all around time a couple times and there doesn't seem to be anyone I haven't met yet, so I don't know what I need to do. Also can't figure out how to go foraging in the woods like Azkim mentioned, and his Doc just says Convo 5, but I can't talk with him, and it doesn't say who else I might need to talk to.

Reynard convo 5, the conversation that unlocks forging with people. There's 16 or 17 people you need to meet that are all accessable right at the start of the game for Sep convo 4.

I cant seem to progress rutherfurd's dialogue at all, im stuck with him not wantin to talk and not needing help, following the guide the only one i can unlock is his first break and even following the requirements(Done at least 1 Garius play scene, Done at least 1 Bjorn Drink scene, Done at least 1 Reynard play scene. Lust > 39%) doesnt change anything, any help?

Need to get his 1st 4 conversations, sleep, then get his gameover 1.

I have 2 questions.

1. What does the "Fight" in the download section do?

2. Is cursemarked doing all the character and background designs? cause if he is, I like it.


1) Just the old version of the game that'll eventually be taken down. You just get into a fight and lose 1 of multiple ways.

2) Yes, he will be remaking all characters, bgs, cgs, gui, everything.

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Ok, two more question.

Is this all the characters that you will be introducing or will there be more upcoming in the future?

So since there is mpreg, does that mean the main character has a giving birth/ egg laying scene?

There will be more characters, and people can commissions for new characters/scenes with current characters too.

There are gameovers where the player is talked about giving birth, but later for those who want a bit more. Jar and Sep will unlock the ability to get preggers with someone and give birth. For those who want it, and those who don't won't ever see it.

It won't be highly detailed or anything. Just some bonus scenes for getting knocked up and not ending your adventure.

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Wait, so is the protagonist the only one can give birth or can I get others  knocked up - Kubas, Kiel, Harold, Garius, Varok, or all of them? 

Does getting mpreg means getting gameover or is there going to be a scene where the main character become a parent while continuing the adventure?

So, I can or any other artist can commission you to put their characters in the game, how much would that cost? 

And does it have to be my character and not some stolen art from twitter?


Some others will be able to get preggers, not most.

Currently the player is only preg in gameovers, but like mentioned before, there will be scenes where the player won't be in a gameover and preggers for a scene.

People can commission to put their character in the game yes. If the character is owned by someone else, then as long the owner is ok with their character being in the game it's fine. Making up a character that you just want to see is fine as well.

Prices vary based on what you want, but if those who are curious can contact me via patreon or discord to talk more about it.  

How can I check the scene that I can see with Jar's Lust set to 100 as described in "GameOver Guide">"Jar Guide In GO"?

I have done the Hangout with the cheat version with Lust set to 100, but the scene does not occur.

If it's gameover 4-6, it will be in the early viewing copy later this week! Next month will be when patreon version gets it.


Thank you!

I look forward to next month's Patreon version!

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i am kinda curious what is the bottom to top ratio of this game? (how often does our character gets to top and how often they bottom) i've had a look at the wiki but it does not tell very much

playing a bit based on what Bjorn has said i assume we are going to mostly be bottoming. how unfortunate these kinda men are exactly my type but as a top i find it hard to get into things from a bottom perspective

It's cause I keep getting requested and paid by people wanting them to top, so the player top scenes are in random places when I write them in. 

The tops I do get asking/paying for stuff have their character come into the game and top the player, So it's just mostly just me putting in things when it makes sense for the stage of the story we're at.

Eventually there will be more player top scenes, but more people want player bottom scenes.

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the curse of being a top in the furry fandom almost everyone else is a bottom so everything is bottom focused. still that aside you are doing great work and i hope you continue to thrive, even bought the cheat addition to give you a nice little boost


What happened with the original artist? Are they ever coming back?


He is working on SbA

how do I when against iron plz?

Talk with Vic and Renard for tips on that fight.

Talked to both and have the grab option. I have tried every possible combination of writhe, choke and thrust, i still cant win. 


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Go to the fight with 40 or so Lust and try grabbing again.

Hi I have some problem with "GameOver Cheat March Update"
I bought it, and every time when I try to download this, It stops at 98% and just deleting itself... Any help or advice?

March? Do you mean April?

It might be your temp data and cookies. Might be too much junk files on the browser you're using?

How  do i win iron?

Talk with Vic and Renard for tips on that fight.

what is the difference between the cheat version and the patreon version?

Patreon has patreon content as noted in the update post, and cheats has that + cheats in game.

Cheats such as...?

Stats lowering/rising, money. Any gameover you get you can encounter again as a dream if you progress far enough with some people, you can't see previous gameovers. More might be coming later as we think up some more that won't break the game and ruin your save files.

Does anyone know how to get a Harold ending? Any of them?

Have low stats when getting absorbed by him.

Thank you!

If I buy your game via the Dropbox shop, does it get updated with contents or do I have to purchase the game 2$ or 4$ all the time?

There is a txt file that's titles please read. Anytime there is an update, the folder that link, links will be updated with the latest update.

for some reason i cant meet Oscar at the healers clinic. please advise

i also cannot progress anywhere with either Rurtherford or Boris for some reason

Rutherfurd didn't have a content update, and Boris you need to get hsi gameover outside with him. Healer's office you need to do Bjorn and Nel's gameovers and meet other people who come later like Vandeel, then work Azlos'

I nothing happens whenever I get Boris's gameover, the game seemingly doesn't register it  and when I try to interact with Nel in the townsquare after working for Azlos and lowering some of his emotional guard I get an error

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Are you sleeping before getting Boris' gameover? It should go you go out and play with him, talk to him about it then get a gameover while out with him, then he'll treat you like his.

As for Nel, the coder put out a Nel fix not too long ago, so hopefully that fixes it.

Also, check the latest update post for more help as they get put into the gdoc.

Are there any more scenes with Kubas after the one where he presses me to his chest and the one where he presses me to his balls? I'm trying to talk to and hang out with him again with max arousal but nothing new, and I tried running out of stamina when coming up to him but that didn't give me another scene either. I'm assuming there must be at least one more from the look of the preview pic with Kubas and the info that there are at least 6 new pics with him

You have to invite him to dinner, with that you unlock his next content

I guess I have to forage for resources then? I haven't invited any characters to dinner yet

hey,sorry to ask here but,you knoe how to win iron?can give me some help?

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You need to talk to Vic, Ran and Reynard, then you will have the option "Grab",  in the fight available. 

So I finally was able to progress the Nel story line, but when I go to hang out with him I get an error message and it just reverts back to him saying he's not worthy to hang out. Anyone have any advice

can someone please help me I I'm stuck on Iron I got game over then traind with vic then battled Iron game over but I don't know what to do next

How do you restart/delete save data? I'd like to start fresh, but I can't seem to find the save file or anything. Also, great game! :)


Renpy keeps all saves  for every renpy game you play in the app data folder.


Is there a full guide for each "Game Over"/ending/scene?


Who has the vore scene?

Does iron content end after the fight or are you able to go to the gym with him?


No gym yet, that message only appears if you go to him with high lust,. However, there's new hangout scenes while at low lust and you can invite him to your room.

how do i find waffurd the rat in the new update?

He's patreon.

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