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You've just woken up after entering a small little town during your travels, but what's this about the rumors about you and the way you came from being... Blocked by... Something? Are the rumors really about you? Or someone else?

Yet when you go out to find out and end up getting too familiar with the locals, why do you wake up in your room? No one seems to remember anything ever happening, while you on the otherhand... All this seems to be playing out like in your dreams? But... Is it really a dream? Or something else?

Explore the town and get familiar with the locals. But be mindful of your condition, you wouldn't want to wear yourself out or anything of the sort. Someone might take advantage of it. And you can't shake the feeling that something wrong is with this town... But what is it?

Bit About How The Game Works

Your Heath is drained whenever you have to do some form of work, or have to get in an altercation of some kind.

Your Stamina is drained as you walk around the town and physically exhaust yourself.  

Your Lust increases as you find yourself in physical contact with others.

Be weary of your stats as people might or might not notice these things. Changing what they'd like you to do for them, or do with you. And when one reaches too low or high... It might just be A

Check out the current scene count as the game gets updated, public and patreon versions!

If you want to get more content now, check out the tiers you can get over on patreon!

Updated 9/20

Updated 6 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsazulookami, Black Cat Studios
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Gay, kinky, NSFW, Ren'Py
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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gameover-win.zip 187 MB
Version 22.09.20
com.blackcatstudiosdev.gameover-release.apk 201 MB
Version 22.09.20
GameOver-22.09.20-linux.tar.bz2 180 MB
Version 22.09.20
gameover-osx.zip 182 MB
Version 22.09.20

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how do i unlock rigur's scenes ?


Just downloaded the game and I can't leave the tavern after falling asleep the first night. I press "Head out" and it just reloads the screen with Garius. Am I missing something?

Please ensure you've got the latest version. This is the first I'm hearing of this sort of issue and I'm not able to reproduce it myself. If you're still having trouble please feel free to hop in our Discord for more help!

I have the same problem.

For me it's just when I'm out of stamina and wake up in the tavern just going to it before I'm at 0 works just fine

I have this issue as well after a game over. Doesn't matter who it's with, happens every time.


How do you get the second GO for Rigur?

how do u get the first ?


How do I get the 2nd game over scene with Vic? I've tried all that I could and nothing comes up. And how do I start chatting with the dwarf separately from Vince and Harold at the blacksmith? All he keeps saying is that I should become his apprentice but then nothing else. 

1) Need to advance Garius' story and get Vic's GO, then get his convos in the bar and play scenes, then it'll unlock more.
2) After he shows up. Need to advance Bjorn more along with working for Vince for some time till Vic shows up mixing in talking to Vince, also advancing their story as well.

Oh so that's how I get the Vic bar interactions. Though I'm confused about how getting a GO unlocks stuff, it just seems to reset everything.

Getting a gameover resets the day. Going to bed progresses to the next day. With next update, you'll be seeing this as the gui gets updated!

How do I get Vic to talk to me in the tavern? Or is that still a Patreon thing.

You to get you heat up to 100, I recommend drinking with Bjorn till get to 80 then visit rey and help him and then talk to vic and if that doesn't work the get your heat to 100 same tactic and go to the gym and help him out

Sadly getting lust to 100 doesn't change Vic's response of 'order something or ask for a room, I ain't here to socialize.'


Did you buy all the potions or nah?


Thanks for helping people ^^

What unknownperson said. Need kinks unlocked to unlock his smexy workout scenes and GO


how i can find the minotaur adventurer?

Meet everyone in town and he'll start to appear in the tavern.

Every time I get a game over, the bird guy is reset back to having not been met, how do I fix this?

Being investigated.

how can i  find kiel?

He's in the early viewing version atm, patreon on the update on the 20th.

(1 edit)

why i cant find bjorn in west gate??
Edit: im a idiot... it was the EAST gate... LOL

Hello, does anyone know how I can translate the game into Spanish?

Google translate has something that can translate it realtime. There's some youtube videos about it. Later, don't know when exactly, we're going to come out with translated versions.


For some reason, in the android version , the text does not fit in the UI box. I do not know if it's just me or if it's the game itself

It's a problem with some devices. Coder is looking into what he can do for it, but if you can say what device you're using, that will help.


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 415, in <module>

  File "game/variables_functions.rpy", line 286, in _goToSleep

NameError: name 'seenGariusGymTemp' is not defined

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:

  File "script.rpyc", line 415, in script

  File "C:\Users\Doma\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\gameover\GameOver-22.08.20-a-win\renpy\ast.py", line 1131, in execute

    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide, store=self.store)

  File "C:\Users\Doma\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\gameover\GameOver-22.08.20-a-win\renpy\python.py", line 1049, in py_exec_bytecode

    exec(bytecode, globals, locals)

  File "game/script.rpy", line 415, in <module>

  File "game/variables_functions.rpy", line 286, in _goToSleep

NameError: name 'seenGariusGymTemp' is not defined

Windows-10-10.0.19043 AMD64


GameOver 22.08.20-a

Tue Aug 23 21:01:43 2022


Im gona test with a fresh start to see if its the same, but basically my Vic still has sclerosis even with latest update and now im getting additional errors :D

Did one of the bug fixing updates help?

im getting the same error

How can I get play scenes with Rutherfurd?

Same as Sep, talk with him with high lust. Though I think you must have also played with someone at the bar as well.


Seems to be a major problem  with the game... I keep getting too distracted to advance the quests...


Doesn't sound like too bad of a problem ;D

Doh. Except sometimes I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing. Is there a way to find out?

wait there is a quest?

Not specifically. We haven't added in any quest trackers at the moment.

ah ok

Ok - I'm giving up. I started a new game, but I can't seem to get back to where I was.  I can no longer get to the centaurs, and I have at least 2 characters talking about doing something at 'night' but can't remember how I made that happen. It seems like I've spoken to everyone please tell me there is a guide or I'm missing something obvious.

Can't seem to get Vic's GameOver scene no matter which stat gets to 0. Is there something I'm missing or do I have to just keep talking to him? Already bought all the potions, too...


you need to have high lust

How do I get to the centaur part? I've hung out with both of the woodcutters a bunch and have everything except vore enabled


you need to get both gameovers

(1 edit) (+1)

It's great that xou decided to change Gameover into an open world n_n it was nice before, and I admittedly hadn't downloaded it again after the 1irst 2wo builds, but it's amazing now! \>o</ xou're still keeping that vibe xou brought with the initial builds, but are now perfecting it~ UwU

Gameover incorporates a mass of different kinks and gives us just enough of a look into each person's personality to get us interested, while keeping our time with them short enough to want more! :p I looove the direction xou've take this~

How can I see Nel's play scene?

Doing the work of Sep and Azlos does not change anything.

All Azlos potions are purchased.

Someone left a mini guide in one of the recent game updated dev log.

Is it possible to do the chest tongue bath with Garius as a public version player?


Chest licking you say? Hummmm...

The game is amazing, keep up the good work!. Quick question, does Harold has a game over? If so, how can it be unlock?

Not yet. For Early Viewers he should hopefully have one next month before we push it to patreon when it's better tested.

Hello, could anyone tell me how to get to the Centaurs? I can't trigger any new conversations with Dirk and Shlar and I've already gotten the potion from Azlos.  All Shlar does is tell me to go the gym and I've spammed it for some time now and still no go.

In order to get Shlar to start training you, you need to have played with Dirk enough, and have the musk kink and maybe something else unlocked.

Ok, so how can I unlock game over with ran. And how can I talk with him about letting me talk with other guardians? 

Get them to talk about it, and just do enough patreon walks with him, then you can play with them. Working with them will be a separate guard update.


Will the game feature more scenes (or maybe even an option/potion) featuring the male mc with female parts, similar to Azlok's game over?

Hoping for more of this, myself.


I put out a poll seeing if people wanted a female option and gender neutral terms, doesn't seem to be doing well. Aside from that, sometimes you will be turned into a cuntboi, and for people like Rigur and Dirk, you'll be turned into a female along with a cuntboi.

Later on others will have this as well along with the brothel.


Well, it's a shame the poll isn't doing well, because cuntboy content probably is something that surprised me the most, as well as the content I enjoyed the most! I'm looking forward to more scenes with it, and hopefully, even if unlikely, an option to permanently turn the mc into that.

Thank you for your reply, and thank you for your efforts on the game!

how can i hang out with nel


Not out in public yet. Check the scene counter to see what things you might be missing!


Is game has mpreg content?

Yes, a little


The Mc its a human ?


I never say it in game cause you're supposed to be what you wanna be, but unless transformed, I pretend they are when writing.


Is it just me or does nobody get notified when this game updates? Honestly thought it was abandoned for the longest time before re-finding it recently and seeing that it has been updating all along. I'm following azulookami and everything yet none of the  updates ever fill my feed. 


It seems like it's a known issue with itch.io that they never really solved. You'll get notifications to games you bought, but not creators you follow. There doesn't seem to be a way to fix this.

The devlogs SHOULD be posted on your feed, but it just doesn't happen all the time.


Ah I see, that's a shame.  Really good game though, I'll try to keep my eye out to see it's updates 


You don't have to be a patreon if you wanna follow that, it will always post publicly the teasers and updates.

And we have a twitter
I should probably be more active on it and advertise it, but it does post when the updates/teasers happen as well.

The ending of Garius only occurs (HP) and I do not know the conditions.

I have opened all dreams except Jar and Crux.


The other for Garius is kink related, but is also hp. While aside from the kink, Jar unlocks a stam ending like 2 of the other guards.

(1 edit)

Thank you! I were able to open the ”Play” of Garius.

But using the save data, the event with Garius did not occur no matter how much I tried.

When I started from Start (New Game) in the title, the play was opened with a conversation with Garius.

However, all my dreams were gone.

Ummm, like the chest verion? Or the super old version that had dreams?

Hiya Pinwar.

It looks like we're having some language trouble here so let's try to narrow down the issue.

Are you using the latest version of GameOver?

What device are you playing on (Windows/macOS/Android)?

But using the save data, the event with Garius did not occur no matter how much I tried.

Which event are you referring to, specifically?

When I started from Start (New Game) in the title, the play was opened with a conversation with Garius.

This is correct. You always start at the Inn with Garius greeting you.

However, all my dreams were gone.

Which dreams are you talking about? Dreams were only recently introduced and I do not believe are currently available in the public edition of GameOver. I'll need some more information to address this.

Please get back to me with some answers so I can help!

-Black Cat

(2 edits)

Thanks for the reply.

Are you using the latest version of GameOver?

└I am using the Windows ver that I purchased from DropboxShop.

Which event are you referring to, specifically?

└The event that allows you to "Play" instead of "Work" in "Have A Chat" in Garius.

Which dreams are you talking about? 

└The dreams of all characters except Crux are gone. (Crux appears to have no dreams)

Specifically, I think that when I start the game from Start (New Game), the dreams are no longer displayed when I load a save that has Dreams

Ah, okay. So the Dreams are only available in the Cheats builds. None of the other builds have Dreams. So, if you're using a build that is not designated 'Cheats' (it will show on the main menu screen which version you have) then you won't be able to access the dreams.

Have I missed something? Who are Jar and Crux? And what are these dreams?


Jar not in public, Crux is. Check out the current scene count public version!

(1 edit)

The Android apk doesn't seem to work I've tried redownloading and everything but the app crashes

Heya there! Sorry that's happening. Can you provide me some more information so I can troubleshoot?

  1. What sort of Android device (make/model)?
  2. What OS version?
  3. Which edition of GameOver? Is it the public version found here or one of the other Patreon versions?
  4. Did you reboot your device after uninstalling and BEFORE reinstalling the app?

Gimme a shout so I can help further :D

-Black Cat

I can't unlock ANYTHING. I've gotten bad ends with just about everyone besides the Alchemist, moved all the logs in the world, gotten drunk, worked at the blacksmith, but nothing else is happening! Im no longer getting any hints on what to do, amd the Cheats version doesnt seem to work on mobile. What am I missing?

(1 edit)

If you're seeing everyone's gameovers, you might be done for the current content. Look at the patch notes dev logs to see what came out when as the game is still being updated monthly (Weekly/biweekly for early viewers).

So it's going to take a bit before there's tons of things to unlock, since you have the cheat version, the only thing to unlock is Garius and the wandering stam loss endings.

You can also ask on the discord for help, joined with sba's one cause I'm too lazy to make anew.

I've been seeing gaurds, clothe shop is up, barracks are open, etc.

But I havent been able to interact with any of that 🤔 just the Bar, Shop, Gym, Blacksmith, Mayor, Lumberjack, and the guy at the town square

The public version just had the clothing/barracks and a gate unlocked, while patreon has all the gates up. Are you playing last month's version?

The areas are unlocked without any requirements cause the npcs are still being added in before updating them.

Thats weird, I didnt have any of that unlocked 🤔 Is the mobile version behind? I downloaded what was on the page

No, the mobile version is right alongside the regular version. Please either post a screenshot of the main menu (the version number will be present there) or send it to me directly: blackcat@blackcatstudiosdev.com

How is one able to unlock the arena? I think I did everything in the town but I can't figure out the rest :(

You might have the wrong game? Or download the fight version? That's the only arena that's in the game?

(2 edits)

Am I missing something? I talked with everybody, but only had some sexy scenes with some of them, I keep talking to them and helping them out with a higher health/rest and low libido and vice versa but I can't continue?

I see there is also a fight.. that's Patreon only for now? I saw that there's a link to scene count, but that didn't help me much.. although it did tell me what I currently have missed so..

Edit: Oh I just found out about the potions, that helped unlocking more scenes... but still no fight?


The first fight is upcoming. Keep saying in posts I'm working on it after all base characters are in. Base characters are in so now I'm working on it. Each fight is going to take a bit as I want a lot of picture in it, and I want it to be more expansive than the fights in the fight version you can download by clicking on the Fights download. I might add to it, but most likely not.

If you want more help, you can join the discord and ask or just look if someone else asked there. Being lazy and hoping on the SBA's discord cause I don't wanna make another.

The description of the game gives you hints and you might have notice it but haven't connected the dots yet... 


But when you sleep, everything you did throughout the day is saved, and when you get a gameover, everything you did throughout the day is erased.

Thanks for clarifying! This helps lot :) and I might check out the discord server..

I purchased the Cheats ver on Dropbox, but when I select "GAME OVER" or "Go to bed" in the room, I get an error code.

Is there any way to get around this?


It was fixed in the new version sent by email.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional, but it seems like some of the characters forget who I am (or maybe vice versa?) every time I black out. Maybe it's a weird phenomenon with this city?


Who know~ It's a mystery~

Can you add a hide button you literally can't see anything cause of the text box



Mobile or desktop? If on Desktop press ‘H’. If on mobile there should now be a ‘hide’ button in the latest versions.

I am not very familiar with English.

I use DeepL to play games.

If I support and dl within Itch, is the version Public or Patreon?

Should I buy the Patreon version from the Patreon site or dropbox to play the Patreon version?

Are "Finding A Place" and "Azulookami's Interactives" as well as "GameOver" different between Public and Patreon?

You can get both the patreon and cheat version that was updated around April 20th from both dropbox and patreon. Not on itch.

Patreon also has a early viewing version which gets updated when something new is written and put in the game. Normally every week or 2 weeks.

The patreon and public version gets updated once a month, but the early viewing version gets updated more and will have every teaser post in the game.


I will look into this with Patreon or dropbox .

I have an error message saying "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website" when I try to download, reinstalling itch.io doesn't help either. Any ideas? I can't figure out a way to launch to browser either

If you're trying to access the fights from the itch.io app/client, you cannot. It's hosted on a dropbox link. The download just links you to the dropbox link it's stored on. You have to get it from the itch.io website. The other versions should be fine to get as they are hosted on the itch.io site itself.

No matter which option I choose to download, the only option it shows to install is Fights, this seems like it may be a problem with the website. I'll reply again if I find a solution

The problem was fixed as of today's update, previously I had to download from the website and run on my computer instead of through itch to get it to work

I can't figure out how to talk to any guards oor how to get to the barracks

Make sure you are playing/downloading the right version. Public/Patreon/Early Viewing are all different.

Is there a guide? Can't seem to get with Vic or Nel. Loving the game so far.


There's a scene counter link in the description. Most people are unlocked by kink unlocks which their picture or dialogue should give away which you need for the most part. Feel free to come into the discord and ask people there as well ^^

love how this went from like a porn vn to a vn with an actual story plus porn ofc

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