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is this game still being worked on because I made an account for this game and I really like the game so PLEASE continue the game. props to the creator


I couldn't find a coder who wanted to code it and I didn't want to code anymore, so I'm just moving it to SbA. Glad you enjoy it ^^

Does this game have walkthrough? I've try everyway I want to have all routes! Help me.


The lack of option to deny these people is infuriating


Is the game done for? :(


Heard there was watersports in the game, where is it?


Are we gonna get an update anytime soon? Kinda miss the old rat.


A lot of fun in this game... defiantly wouldn't mind a bad end in Ed though~


Damn.. decided to try this out because why not..?

But now I'm sad we will never see what happens next (with Ritch's route, and Ronan's as well).

(Will Ritch appear in GameOver?)


Glad you like it, and you'll be happy to know I've hired someone to put everything into renpy, so eventually that'll come out.

I was thinking of putting Ritch in something else. It'll more likely be SbA though since he lives in the same neighborhood as the player in there.

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Oh! That's good to hear! Hope it all goes well..

How well has your hired coder been progressing so far?

hows the engine move going? miss getting content for the rat husbands


I'm thinking about just paying someone else to do it for me. I too also miss le Rats. Thinking of adding Ritch to another game I'm writing right now.


When can we expect an update for this ? I miss this game


Opps, sorry for the super late reply. I'm thinking of just paying someone to put all the stuff on renpy for me. I've already finished writing this, but I do miss writing Ritch and wanna do more of him.

Is nobody else unable to name yourself and stuck at the very beginning? I've reinstalled multiple times. 


I believe that is an issue using the itch app, it should work if you get it from online

Waiting update(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

Is there any schedule about it?

I already finished writing it, I was just slowly moving it over to renpy.

Will You keep updating the game?


Author said there's a really big bug that basically deadends you, from what I remember he said that he'll maybe import the game to a new engine.

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does anybody have a list of the ends available? ive been trying to find the orc and the bat. Although it says to not ride with ed in the morning the only option is ritch. I dont know what is supposed to happen after I say "thanks for letting me know".

Talk with ed day 2, don't wait for jake, invite ronan over, don't ride with either of them day 3 morning, go hang out with them after school.

thanks I appreciate it

How do you meet lash and how do you access mpreg?

NM, found Lash. But still don't know how to get the mpreg stuff


With how many routes I've tried I'm suspecting mpreg is really underdone so far.

A veteran, I see.....


Mpreg will probably only happen later seeing as how currently the storyline is still developing the relationships with characters, like we haven't even properly gotten railed by Jake or Grisus yet. Good things come to those who wait. ;)


With the current dev log posted, thinking perhaps just separating day 4 and onwards would be smart... Then again... I really don't want this to be separated.


In public version. Mpreg is something that comes at the very end of a route (the good ending for the main cast) within the epilogue that will happen after day 4, and is hinted in those who dun you up teh butt smex scenes. As in what they say and do changes up somewhat, some more than others, during the scene with the fact they know the player can or at least know something's up.

The patreon version have epilogues (purely bonus content as a thanks for the support) after every gameover that changes based on what major they're in. Just like how of the gameovers changes based on what major you're in.

Will that be public at some point in the future? Like I really wanna see the epilogues but I'll admit that by the time I'd found this game I'd hit a real gnarly financial rough patch.

Don't suppose anyone has a guide in the works?  Like for Ronan?


To go on ronans path you need to select a specific character to talk to when jake takes you to meet grisus ed and aero, i think its grisus but I don’t remember, then when the gang goes to eat you need to go look around instead of waiting for jake, then you just call him up at every prompt given and enjoy getting with a very hot dog ;) the same system applies to both the luchador horse dude and the cheetah guy

I met Ronan after hanging with the vore goat.  Then I wound up bumping into the lucha horse and couldn't back out.

I downloaded this in the itch. app thing and when it gets to the name a character section it doesnt..let me past that :P but love the game!

It depends on your browser. It's sometimes registers as a pop up so it's being blocked. Next update will change it.

How do you get the full experience in Grisus route? He's got a list on his character profile I wanna experience fully.


Day 4 is not out, so it's not all out just yet.

Cool, and how do I find Lash, he's the only husbando I haven't managed to get yet.

Talk to Aero in day 2 then don't wait for Jake.

Aaaaaaah I must have missed Aero's route in that part. Thanks!

Deleted post

this make me hype...
is it wrong?

i have a question for you azulookami, you mentioned that some characters would stop at day 5 while some would get a day 6 but would we get anything after those days? Like….For example say you went down an mpreg route with grisus, after his final day would/could we see anything that shows what your life looks like in a few years? Doesn’t have to be anything major like an entire nother storyline but yknow something nice to close off the book, like you and grisus with the kids getting ready and going to have dinner at his parents, or if you didn’t go down the mpreg route show a night out with aero ed and jake or something, basically just a snapshot or an extra “day” you could call it. Idk i just think it would be a nice touch to include to tie it up together but if you decide not to thats perfectly reasonable


Doing something like that for bonus content for patreons as a thanks for supporting and help pay for le art.  Once a route is done patreon and public are pretty much on the same page so thought that would be a nice thank you. Not all endings have it, but the ones that would make sense does.

Anyone know how I can get the bat character I've tried everything and can't seem to get him. alittle help plz

It says it in his character tab. Get on Ed's route but don't get a ride with him on day 3 morning.

Hi. When runned over itchio. cannot name yourself. Meaning you cant even properly run the game

It'll be changed next update.


Oh I am just in LOVE with this game.

The way you write sex is excellent, and the relationships (especially with Jake!) are really sweet. 

I think the thing that really sets this apart from other stories for me is your balance between porn and story. They're interlinked, with the more sexy scenes furthering the plot and the plot providing a more interesting setting for the sex. You never go too long without reminded us of either aspect, so it doesn't feel jarring when you reach a sex scene OR when you get story beats.

The routes are all pretty unique, even when characters seem like they could be similar. Even the endgame scenes are worth exploring just to get more content.

There's a real variety in the characters and the stories themselves. Jake and Ritch both have incredibly hot stories especially - though that might just be me being a slut for dads and sons - but you do a great job at getting the player invested in characters we meet later on, too. 

The characters are physically different in a great way, too. Your artist is doing incredible work because I did NOT expect to be thirsting over a rat man!! But you get a lot of credit here too - the use of images works really to create atmosphere. Particularly in Jake, Ritch and Firen's routes.

I don't remember seeing any actual errors/bugs in this? Which is honestly wild considering how much content is in this! I shudder to think what the actual word count of this whole thing is.

My only concern is that currently to get the full content of this game you have to play it at least ~9 times (just based on the amount of main characters - there's more with the extra game over characters!). While the save file function cuts down a lot time, having to pick your major at the start means you've got to do at least 3 resets to potentially get all the content.

That's incredibly impressive on your part, but it might be nice to release a (vague!) guide to direct people to specific kinks so they're not searching for content. I know the character list has a kink list, but it's difficult to know which choices are going to lead you to which kink, and if they're going to be unattainable due to your major choice. You could even put it on your patron, or as a one time buy to avoid people signing up just to get a document then immediately cancelling.

I know this game isn't completed so things might become clearer as we go. And of course I'm not going to tell you what to spend you time on! But it's just something to consider from someone who's spent a LOT of time here.  hope you take this as a compliment from someone trying to get more out of your stories rather than a demand from an entitled internet rando!

Thank you so much for all the time you've put into this game. It's a pleasure to read and you should be so so proud of how your hard work has paid off!<3

Thanks for the lengthy feedback! Glad you like, and told the artist as well! I was thinking about something putting  something where the player can skip the 1st or 2nd day, or change the major. 

Still thinking about it since the og idea of the majors was just so people don't see certain kinks they don't want. Like mpreg, some people don't want that so it's locked behind a major explained at the start, but the interactive is doing whatever the guy you're with kinks, so maybe should rethink that.

As for the rest of the kinks listed, it's just something that's going to happen on their path no matter what once it's fully done. I thought I shouldn't put kinks on there till it's in, but I would have totally forgot to update like normal. xD

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Can't you rename the save file when you save to disk? The save on there will go away with the temp files if you clear history or your cookies.

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Don't get a ride from the 3 on day 3 morning.

What does each major do again, I remember the bio major is for mpreg options, but what does communication major, or information major lead to?

It says what they all do at the start of the game before it askes you, your name.

how do we find the orc?


figured it out ehe


well don't be shy share with the class


Ngl part of me is going to be sad when you’ve completed this, I think its a very smart decision not to want to drag things out but at the same I love the characters you’ve created, their personalities…how they act in bed (lol) everything about this has been great and while theres still a ways to go you’ve made something amazing here

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Ahhhh we gonna get some rich soon am so happy can't wait

is this part of  SbArPg?  

Also are you moving to renpy?

I thought summoned by accident was taking so long, but looks like were going into other branchs.   :P

Same world
No sba is, you can read more about it in it's game page dev blog.
Sba is a group project meaning there are multiple people putting their work into it, while this is something I'm making.

For some reason i cant get past the name scree

Scroll down in the comments a bit, someone had the same problem with not being able to get past the name popup and someone gave and explanation on how to deal with it.

Before I start this what species options are there for dating?

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The main characters in the character list is everyone that you can have a relationship with and the game continues, while the side characters will only give you gameovers if you go on their path. Not for story reasons though, the side characters will just be there to help move it.

odd question maybe but is it possible to hang out with the goblins at all?

also are you unable to hang out with firen in the afternoon of day 3 yet?

Not yet and read the recent dev blog to know when the rest are.

No sex with Roland? 😭

Not yet but the mans is on the list so I imagine we’ll be let at the chunky tanuki someday

****QUESTION INVOLVES SPOILERS****** so ive been exploring some of the new dialogue and managed to wiggle my way into the scenario thats seemingly leads with both jake and ritch, when texting jake if he has something to stretch with the only other option after that it leads to an “error” message of sorts, not sure if thats intentional or not since its in the same style as the usual scripting and writing but confirmation would be nice 

And just in case you need it, it reads “ERROR: Passage DSMFO does not exist”

and another thing: (more spoilers for passerby) When grisus takes you back to his place there seems to be an issue, Turning on the movie leads to nothing but a black screen

Both are fixed, the passage not found is where the end was at, but the Grisus thing was his gameovers.

thanks for the clarification and just one more question: is Grisus currently only gameovers or is there a path that continues forward with him?

Same with me

how to take the horse's path

How i got to it was fuck with rich the first night, talk to ed, call him up the next day but don’t go with him so you end up having ritch take you, Go through all the ronan shit and wake up with jake as usual, Then you’ll have new dialogue options/choices, Go off on your own and you should get the horse 

May be a spoiler but when you meet the group decide to beat dora In her area of expertise.


Hi just wanted to ask ¿will there be mpreg content in the future? Because it says opcional but so far have seen none of it.

Get a gameover with anyone that's in that's not Ritch or Jake. Everyone else has one. All gameovers will be more extensive on day 4.

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